Every groom includes a health check, ear cleaning, nail trimming (if needed), a bath and dry, and a neckerchief/bow at the very least!

I have a range of shampoos to suit your dog's needs. Sensitive skin, whitening, detangle, puppy etc  

Health checks

I will let you know if I spot anything that you may not be aware of. Please note, I cannot diagnose anything as I am not a vet.

Full groom

Your dog's coat can be clipped off, kept long, styled to the "breed standard" or a "pet trim". 


Some dogs can moult quite a lot. I have a range of de-shedding tools than can remove the vast majority of the dead coat for you.


This is a highly skilled technique. I am trained in this field. I will check the hair is ready to be pulled, and if not you will be asked to come back another time. Pulling the hair when it is not ready can cause pain to the dog.


I do not believe it is fair to spend hours brushing out knots, causing pain to the dog. If the matting is extensive/cannot be broken up I will need to clip it out. It may be kindest to the dog to clip the coat shorter than agreed, in order to remove the matting, but I will always call you to explain beforehand. 

Ear plucking

Ear plucking can prevent ear infections as it helps to keep the ear canal ventilated and reduce bacteria build up. If there is a possibility of an ear infection/a ruptured ear drum I will not pluck the ears, as it can cause a lot of pain. 

Anal Glands

Deciding if there is any infection/impaction involves a diagnosis by a vet, and is therefore best to leave expression to them.

Nail trimming

If you want to bring your dog in just to have its nails trimmed, this service is £5. To regular customers it is free. 

Vaccinations and Flea Policy 

So that we can provide a clean, safe and healthy environment for all dogs please ensure that your dog is up to date with suitable flea treatment solutions and vaccinations. There is an additional £5 charge if live fleas are found, as the parlour will need to be fumigated.


You can bring puppies in for grooming as soon as they have had their 2nd jabs at the vets. I recommend bringing them as young as possible, as I think it helps them accept the process and relax sooner. I believe in slowly introducing them to this new experience, building up to a full groom. This gains their trust in me and makes them happier and more confident pups.

The first visit will include your puppy spending about 30 minutes in the parlour being made a fuss of, this session is free.

The second visit will include a bath and blow dry for £10.

The third visit will include a bath, blowdry and tidy up (if required) and hygiene clip (armpits, groin and bum), and this will cost £15.

The fourth visit will be a full groom at a cost of £25 until the puppy is 12 months old. When the puppy becomes 12 months old it will (for grooming purposes) be considered an adult and standard prices will apply. 

I think puppies benefit from coming more regularly than adult dogs, as they can build trust and confidence in me and the process sooner. I suggest about every 4 weeks, then gradually extend the duration between appointments.

Extra Charges

As of 1st January 2020, there will now be additional charges for the following: 

Fleas - £5 

Matting - £5 

Biting - £5 

Lateness: I will give you a rough finish time and call you when I’m done. Please listen out for your phone and be nearby/here at the predicted finish time. Lateness will be charged at: £5 for 15-30 minutes after I call you. £10 for 30 minutes + after I call you. The reason for this is that I cannot let the next dog arrive until yours has been collected.

Cancellations: I understand that you may need to rearrange appointments from time to time. However, I do ask that you give at least 24 hours notice, to give me the chance to book another customer in. Giving less than 24 hours notice will incur a £10 fee, chargeable at your next appointment. 

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